1700 Elphinstone Street, Unit:H, Regina, SK S4P2Z6

Work Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 9AM - 3AM

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YQR Distillery

YQR Distillery

New product is coming

Keep your eye out in the near future for our limited edition Golden Stag Rye Whisky.  The first release, a 5 year old selection (Barrel #1) is a bit peppery, mellowed by some soft vanilla notes with a little toffee…

Frost Regina Is Coming Soon

It’s time to get frosty! Advanced FROST @REAL all-inclusive passes are now on sale here: Save money by buying your pass in advance! Adult Advance: $17 Youth/Senior Advance: $10 Frost Pass & Gear: $35 Visit for more details…

We Are Here With You

It should not come as a surprise that this time of year can be taxing–not only on our wallets, for sure, and our bodies — with the cold, wintery weather — but also on our mental health.  Please take some…

YQR Distillery Construction Kick off

We began our search for a new location in 2018 and have finally found our new home. Take a look into our new facility as Adam Sperling, CEO and director of Sperling Silver Distillery, soon to be YQR Distillery, takes…