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All About Beer Facts – 6 Fun Facts That Are All About Beer!

Beer Facts

Ahh, beer. If you’re a beer drinker, you’re probably reading this and just thinking about how your favourite time to drink a beer is after work on a Friday. Or maybe you’re thinking about your favourite beer and how good it would taste. Beer is a wonderful invention, but there might be a lot about beer that you did not know. That’s why we’ve provided you with a list of 6 beer facts that we hope you will find very interesting. Enjoy!

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1. The Strongest Beer

The beer you like might range in alcohol percentage anywhere from 3% to as high as 11% or 12%. Well, that’s nowhere near the strongest beer ever made, which was brewed to a whopping 67%. Snake Venom, which is what they called it, was originated in Scotland and was actually only made a few years ago. Wow! If you’re thinking that’s crazy, wait till you see the rest of the beer facts list.

2. Some Countries can Really Drink

Some countries, as you may have thought, like to drink more beer than others. For the second on the list of our beer facts, we will share with you that the heaviest beer-drinking countries are Czech Republic, Germany and Poland is even on the list as well.

countries that drink a lot are Germany and Poland

3. What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer can actually be very similar to non-craft beer but it can also be very different. The difference that craft beer has is that it is simply brewed in a small brewery, versus a large scale brewery. The actual beer does not necessarily have any technical difference. But keep in mind, often these craft breweries are known to produce some very unique beers, so they’re definitely worth a look.

4. Beer Facts – Most Popular Beers

Some beers are more popular, more known, more liked, or more consumed than others. Some of the most popular beers in the world might include Heineken, Bud Light and Budweiser. You’ve probably heard of all these brands and are thinking that it is no surprise these are some of the most popular brands of beers in the world.

5. Oldest Brewery

Moving on wth our beer facts, we will touch on the oldest brewery that is still in operation today. That would be a brewery in Germany and it is known that the brewery started way back in the 1000’s. That’s like 1000 years ago! Do you think they are still using the same recipes? What about equipment? It’s hard to imagine that long ago.

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6. Beer facts About International Beer Day

Need an excuse to drink a beer? If so, we’ve got one for you. International Beer Day is celebrated in August. It’s on the first Friday of the month.It’s celebrated around the world. What do you think people do on this day? Well, they drink beer! And in our opinions, beer should be celebrated for the love many people have for it. Why not take a day out of the year and just drink beer!

Beer Facts

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about our beer facts. Interested in wine? Go check out Facts About Wine next.

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