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1700 Elphinstone Street, Unit:H, Regina, SK S4P2Z6

Work Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 9AM - 3AM

We’re not just a distillery, we’re the quality of life guarantor

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Distillery in Saskatchewan

What really makes this distillery in Saskatchewan different? TASTE THE SILVER

Silver has been used in medical and spiritual applications for hundreds of years. The fact that we use silver in our distillery impregnated carbon actually changes the taste profile of our spirits. Coupled with the usage of distilled well water, we create a very consistent end product.

Our filtration is a three-step process

The spirits are carbon filtered.

The spirits are filtered with a silver impregnated carbon filter.

The spirits are frozen 48 hours and then filtered through a fine head filter in our distillery.

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Offsale & Distillery in Saskatchewan: A Family Tradition for 85 years in Regina.

YQR Distillery in Saskatchewan started as Sperling Silver in Regina, Saskatchewan with the distillery and offsale liquor store. The story begins in the twenties with Peter Paul Sperling who owned the Sedley hotel just east of Regina. Behind the hotel was a slaughterhouse, underneath the slaughterhouse were railcars, filled with whiskey to then be sent to Chicago. The history of Saskatchewan Sperlings making fine spirits can be traced back to more than 85 years ago. Adam Sperling is a proud part of the tradition in making fine spirits to enjoy for another hundred years.

Best Distillery in Saskatchewan


We took home the Gold Medal for French Laundry Vodka. We also took home the silver medal for Earl Grey Tea Gin and Saskatchewan Distillery of the Year 2018. All of these products are available at our liquor store in Regina.

Our Distillery in Saskatchewan


We took home Best Canadian Vodka for French Laundry. We also took home the gold medal & Best Honey Liqueur for Hemp & Honey Shine. Silver medal for Pirate of the Prairie Rum. This makes us very proud to be a local distillery in Saskatchewan!

We are the best Distillery in Saskatchewan


Best Agave Spirit for Killya Organic Saskatchewan Cactus Juice. Best Moonshine for Ole Jeds Moonshine. Best Single Malt Rye Whiskey for 100 Bushels Single Malt Rye. Give all of these a try and tour our Saskatchewan distillery or pick up a bottle at our liquor store in Regina.

YQR Distillery in Saskatchewan and Fermentation Lab

YQR Distillery in Saskatchewan has signed a 40-year lease with two renewals for over 40,000 square feet in Regina Exhibition Association’s (REAL) Agribition Building for a new food, beverage, distilling, and brewing facility.


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What peoples say about us

Chad Tameling
“Fantastic time visiting with Adam at the Distillery. Pretty sure he said they make around 30 different products. If I had to pick a favorite or two it would be the Rootbeer and the coffee liquor. And the Earl Grey gin!”
Kendra Halwas
“Outstanding local spirits, wines and beers, with an extremely knowledgeable and friendly distiller/brew master! The environment has a bit of a different take the “pub style” that most places have going; which makes Sperling Silver Distillery a very unique place, if you haven’t checked them out you should!!!!”
Tiffany Love
“I have nothing but amazing things to say about this business.
Great service and even better staff in both the bar and the off sale. 5 stars all around!!”

Drink often, drink local, drink responsibly…

SLGA, the liquor and gaming authority, carries 17 of our products. If you are interested in caring our products, please contact our distillery in Saskatchewan and learn more.