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Ole Jed’s Moonshine:

The spirit that started it all, Ole Jed’s Moonshine is made from what we call ‘lees’ which basically means recycled beer yeast. After making beer and transferring to kegs there are always yeast and hops, which we call it ‘trub’ because it looks like mud. The yeast and hops are still viable but can’t go into packaging because nobody wants to drink the vile tasting mud. The alternative we came up with is to feed that yeast again with some simple sugar and water to give it a new life! However, this simple ‘sugar wash’ is not too appealing to drink on its own, until it is distilled at least two times. The product often has a variable flavour profile because it is usually made with a different beer yeast every time. We like to partner with other brewers across Saskatchewan in order to help them recycle their own yeast.