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Popular Types Of Alcohol – Liquor Popularity Sorted By Province

Popular Types of Alcohol

Let’s face it, Canada has many people who enjoy a nice drink every now and then. But with Canada being such a diverse and wide-spread country, it’s clear that the most popular types of alcohol may change from province to province. Here, we take a look at all the provinces and what their choice is when it comes to alcohol.


If you’re from Saskatchewan, you likely aren’t surprised to hear that Domestic Beer comes in number one for the most popular types of alcohol in the province, but not by far! Wine comes in for a close second. Followed by wine comes craft beer then imported beer.

Popular types of alcohol in Saskatchewan

Popular Types of Alcohol in Alberta

In Alberta, things are a bit different with wine being almost twice as popular as the second most popular types of alcohol which is then domestic beer. Craft beer and imported beer have the exact same similarity and are tied for the third most popular drink in the province.


It may come with no surprise here that wine comes in as the popular drink in BC. Next up is craft beer, which makes sense due to the many type of unique breweries located on and around the coast. In third place for popular type of alcohol is actually vodka surprisingly. BC has the highest popularity for vodka through the entire country.

wine is a very popular drink in the province of BC


Wine leads the charts in Manitoba as well. With craft beer coming in at a popular second and representing the province that likes craft beer the most.

Popular Types of Alcohol in Ontario

In Ontario, you may suspect the most popular types of alcohol to be domestic beer, but it in fact is not. Wine actually comes in at number one and domestic beer is bumped to number two on the list. Ontario is home to many of the distilleries where domestic beer is made in Canada but despite that, wine still seems to take the cake!


People in Quebec are absolutely crazy about their wine. they are the province who enjoys wine the most of all other provinces in the entire country. Second on the list for Quebec is imported beer, which is less than half as popular as wine in the province. Crazy, isn’t it?

Popular Types of Alcohol in the Atlantic Provinces

In the Atlantic provinces, wine and domestic beer are pretty much exactly tied for the most popular types of alcohol. Third in popularity, but much less than the previous, is craft beer.

beer in regina

Popular Types of Alcohol

As we all know, many Canadians like their alcoholic beverages. Additionally, we were surprised to see wine becoming so popular in relation to everything else being drank here. This would be why many liquor stores will carry such a large section of wine in comparison to the rest of the store.

What’s your favourite drink? Whether you’re a wine lover, you enjoy the uniqueness of craft beer, or you seem to always resort back to the domestic beer, we’re sure you’ve got something that tickles your fancy.

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