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beer facts

Beer – Draft, Craft, Domestic and Imported

Draft Beer – What is it and Where’s it From

Beer of the draft is beer that comes directly from the tap, or the keg in originality. This type is usually going to be served at a cooler temperature than other beers. Draft should be thought of as a cloud over top of all the other beers as the craft, domestic and imported can all be a draft if it’s served from a keg. Although many prefer draft, many also believe its quality sometimes isn’t quite as good of quality as bottles.

Craft Beer – Why is it Called Craft Beer

Craft beer is considered to be a type that is made in a lower quantity and usually consists of slightly more unique and different flavours. Many craft drinkers choose craft because they enjoy the larger variety they can get by buying craft assortments. This assortment is also typically higher percentages of alcohol. This could mean that what you’re drinking might be anywhere from 5 percent up to 10 or 11 percent. Craft makers are also typically smaller breweries. They focus on good variety rather than large quantity. Being local is also a big part of being a craft brewer.

Domestic Beers

We’ve all heard of and probably drank domestic beers before. Domestic beers would be considered large scale breweries and are beers that have been made in the USA. Domestic beers are the most neutral tasting beers and they’re without a doubt the most popular choice among Americans and Canadians. As long as the beer is made in America and is made in a large brewery, it would be considered a domestic beer. Some domestic beer types may include Coors, Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller and a few more.

Import Beers

Lastly, import beers are also a type of beverage that is popular among beer drinkers. Import means it is a beverage that was made almost anywhere but Canada or the USA. One of the most popular imports is Corona. Corona has gained a lot of popularity among beverage drinkers and is a very regular choice for people. Corona is also knowingly drank with a lime inserted into the top of the bottle.

How Should You Choose Your Beer?

When choosing what to drink, you should consider what you like the most. Many people will start with domestic as they’re most popular and do not necessarily know many other types. Domestic is also typically the cheapest which attracts a lot of people who do not have lots of disposable income to use on liquor. Many people also prefer import when they want something that is similar to domestic yet a little less common and basic. Craft can be popular when people feel they not only want to support more local business but feel that they’re tired of, or not satisfied with basic beer tastes. Craft is a great opportunity to explore different types of beers. Especially when you’re travelling to new place, enjoying a craft is a great opportunity to explore the culture of that place and experience local flavours and malts.

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