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Hard Seltzers – What are They and What’s With all the Popularity

A Hard Seltzers

Hard seltzers have recently become the ultimate drinks for those looking to have something tasty, easy and fun. The popularity they’ve established has been quick and exponential compared to many other categories of alcohol. But those who may not be quite on board (or those who have never even tried them) might be wondering why everyone seems to be going crazy for them. We’ve found there are a few main reasons everyone seems to be running to the store to pickup their favourite hard seltzers. And after reading this, you just might be doing the same!


We believe that with people are becoming much more health conscious and instead, making their consumption decisions based on the health level of a product in becoming more common. We’re not saying drinking a hard seltzer, or any alcohol for that matter, is necessarily healthy, but we would classify them as less unhealthy. With lower amounts of sugars and carbohydrates, they’re going to be healthier than those couple beers you might be drinking otherwise, or those sugar-filled cocktails you just can’t get enough of.

Hard Seltzers Come With Conveniency

While beer has always been known as easy and convenient, hard seltzers have matched that conveniency. Sold in cans and packs of 6, 12, or 24, they’re an easy option to grab and go. Whether you’re headed out to the lake or just want to enjoy a few drinks over a social gathering, hard seltzers have made it quick and easy to do so.

Tasty Tasty Tasty!

hard seltzerHard seltzers have also managed to hit the taste buds in the right spot. With many different flavours available, consumers always tend to find an option they enjoy. Most seltzers come in variety packs, giving them the option to try all sorts of different kinds and find the one or ones they truly enjoy the most. Being low sugar, they are not always the sweetest drinks on the market but this allows you to continue drinking them without an overwhelming burst of sugar.

Lots of Options for Hard Seltzers

Along with popularity will come options. Many companies are realizing the demand for hard seltzer and have created their own versions. Individuals may be able to tell the difference between brands and have grown to like a certain brand for various reasons. But with many companies creating their own unique flavours, it gives seltzer drinkers even more options and flavours to enjoy.

hard seltzers regina

Similar Alcohol Content

You might be thinking that seltzers can’t be compared to beer due to the alcohol content. God news, it’s very comparable! With seltzers typically providing you with about 5% alcohol content, beer is almost the exact same. As another point of comparison with beer, most hard seltzers don’t even contain gluten. So if you’re someone who prefers to or needs to have a gluten-free diet, you can rest easy knowing you can enjoy a cold can of seltzer without having to worry about any gluten issues.

Drink Responsibly

Remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

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