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Liquor – What Canadians Like To Drink And Why

Liquor Market in Canada

Liquor, as we know, has gained lots of popularity to the country of Canada over many years. Canadians like to enjoy their liquor, whether on a casual, social or organized fashion. What many don’t realize is that Canada has many different preferences of what they like to drink, when they like to drink it and where they prefer to consume their alcoholic beverages.

Most Popular Liquor in Canada

The most popular alcohol consumed in Canada is, without much surprise, Beer. Canadians love their beer. They have enjoyed it for many, many years. With a growing number of breweries across the country, they are continuing to be exposed to more and more different types of beer, whether that be domestic or craft.

Where do Canadians like to Consume

Contrary to popular belief, most alcohol in Canada is actually consumed in one’s own home or in another person’s home. A much smaller percentage of alcohol is actually consumed in bars, restaurants or taverns. This has to do with the fact that liquor bought and consumed in a house is usually bought for much cheaper and also bought in bulk, which allows for greater levels of consumption.  Bars and restaurants charge larger amounts for their added services and added benefits and costs of running the business and having a licensed establishment to sell alcohol.

liquor beer

Highest Consumption Province in Canada

Alcohol consumption is most popular in the province of Quebec. A relatively healthy amount of people who live in Quebec tend to consume some type of alcoholic drink at least once per week. Although the average amount spent on alcohol per year is not the highest in Quebec, in fact it’s highest in Northwest Territories, the difference is that liquor is regulated by province and some provinces have higher prices for alcohol than other provinces, which may ultimately be the result for higher or lower consumption of alcohol.

Liquor – What Certain Demographics Consume the Most

Consumption in Canada is unsurprisingly led by the demographic of the 18-24 age range. This group consumes more liquor than all other age ranges. This shouldn’t come as surprise as most young adults typically enjoy a more care-free lifestyle as they’re at a point in their life where they have less commitments and are typically surrounded by other who a more freshly exposed to liquor than others who have been around to experience drinking for many more years.

liquor beer

Liquor Sales During the Pandemic

Sales for alcohol have also been boosted due to the recent pandemic. Canadians found themselves consuming more liquor while having to stay at home during quarantine time. This may have been more less due to not being able to drink in a restaurant and chose to compensate and save money and buy liquor in bulk. Interestingly enough, it was found that a certain number of Canadians also have decreased their alcohol use as they’ve been at home and have chosen to find it as an opportunity to live a slightly healthier life.

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